Tuesday, January 5, 2016

DNA or subconscious programming

We are born with many ailments and health issues, like the residual of past lives or inheritance from our ancestors. If our client gives a consent and is willing to persevere through the healing process, then the healing becomes not a miracle but a solid possibility.

Therefore, using the energy of the Heart chakra the healing can take place, this requires the following steps:

  1. I move my consciousness with intention through the space to the client’s astral body.
  2. In order to make a molecular change in the body we need to go to the smallest manifestation of energy: the atom. I will send a command or intention, knowing that it is energy that makes changes on a molecular level.
  3. I will use the Unconditional Love energy coming from my Heart chakra, to support my conscious intention.
  4. This energy comes to me from the source, and I only channel it with green color to heal my client.