Friday, July 22, 2016

Aura Energy Field

Our attitudes, moods, habits, actions and views depend on the energy fields that circulate around our body. One can detect the imbalance in the energy flow by examining a colored energy sphere surrounding the body or Aura.  

Each color in Aura signifies the energy frequency that passes through us. One can imagine Aura as a light show made of different color lights in the middle of the darkness. Psychics can see Aura and distinguish the layers composing it. The layers beyond the physical boundaries of a human body referred to as Subtle Bodies

There are some discrepancies between the scholars on the number of the subtle bodies.  The three major one are the physical, emotional, and spiritual/astral body. Each of these layers vibrates with a specific frequency: the lowest in the physical body and the highest in the astral. 

The first layer of the human Aura is the physical body. It is perceived as a thin milky layer that can easily be seen by the naked eye of an expert. It is formed by the electrical energy that flows throughout the physical matters of our body such as organs and systems. From a medical standpoint, this is the level where health problem manifests themselves, regardless of the level they were originated.

The second layer is the emotional body. It is responsible for our emotions like hatred, love, jealousy, fear and so on. It's within this body that a person feels happy or sad, board or enthusiastic, experience emotional trauma and pain or excitement and satisfaction. It provides different results every day because it is in constant communication with your subconscious that analyzes how to respond to your daily encounters in life. An Aura layer responsible for your past memories, experiences, and beliefs and is revealing a person's personality traits. It forms and maintains your belief system. This later is where mental and emotional problems are originated and is a subject matter of psychology.

The spiritual/astral body is a layer that emanates from your beliefs and past, present, and future deeds. The energetic equivalent of your daily deeds could be positive or negative. Thus, your actions will attract the outside force in accordance with the outcome of your deeds. In some cultures, the result can be equivalent to bad "Karma" if your past deeds were bad and blessings if you blessed others in the past. Astral experiences include dreams, fantasies, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, hallucinations, imagination, and visions. The color of the astral body can provide the basis for determining the intention and personality of any individual. These colors are the product of the energy fields of our body.

The astral body is the projection of our physical body. In a way, it's a vehicle, through which one can experience awareness separated from the physical body.

In regards to spiritual healing, the astral body is a site where the healing takes place. Under certain circumstances, this subtle body can be disconnected from the physical and engaged in astral travel through time and space and witness what is happening at a distance. During astral travel, we can meet and commune with other individuals who are also projected from their bodies. This also explains why spiritual healing could be done on the distance from an injured person.

How our energy field interacts with the energy field of others can be discussed as we go through the advanced study of Aura.

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